Yoga classes for kids age 3-10

Group classes offer a fantastic way for children to come together, have fun and learn important ways cope with everyday life. At little Cubs  you can expect lots of laughter, friendship, love and appreciation for everyone and everything around you and of course we add an extra mindful moment with a new Lámh sign of the week. 

Kids with special needs

We make it our mission to include all children in our yoga practise. All classes  follow the same format as a group class with songs, games and stories modified to suit children with additional needs. We use our Irish sign language ‘Lámh’ to help with communication and understanding. We have adapted our sensory yoga classes to suit all ages and all abilities.

Creches and schools programs

Little Cubs yoga has had tremendous success in bringing our yoga fun to crèches and schools etc. Our format is always the same using songs, stories and games to engage our Yogis and of course there’s always great excitement when a diary leaves a little gift for each child under their mat 🧚‍♀️.

about us

At Little Cubs Yoga for kids we foster creativity, cooperation, and confidence in a safe environment where all children are perfect just the way they are. We currently offer both online and in-person classes for kids, creches and schools.

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Yoga is an ancient philosophy, an art of living perfected in India thousands of years ago. Composed of physical exercise or postures known as “Asanas” in the Sanskrit language, practiced along with breathing exercises and an awareness of the breath

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What people say

I contacted Sinèad after I brought my children to her yoga class. I work in the local Arch club where we support a diverse group of people with varying degrees of additional needs. I felt that Sinead’s yoga would appeal to our group of members as it is appeals to their sensory needs aswell as their overall mental well-being. From start to finish Sinèad was amazing, she recognised who needed extra assistance and adapted the class to suit each individuals needs. She was constantly offering positive reinforcements to everyone which encouraged them all to engage. It is the first activity in a long time where all of our members engaged. It is a very clever way of encouraging exercise through story telling and sensory interludes. Sinèad continues to amaze us with her new and innovative ways to make sure everybody’s needs are catered to. I would highly recommend Sinèads sensory yoga for all ages and all abilities. It left our members relaxed and with a great sense of achievement. We eagerly anticipate Sinead’s return every month. 

Orla Darcy

My daughter Ruby goes to Little Cubs Yoga and she absolutely loves it. I can’t speak highly enough of Sinead. The kids love going and they’re always happy coming out. Ruby has made great friends here and that says a lot! In these busy, technology laden times, yoga lets the kids come back into themselves and what’s around them and that’s so important for them to tap into at this age. Sinead does her classes inside and outside with boys, girls, little ones and bigger kids, so all welcome!!


My children have attended Little Cubs yoga from the start. It’s truly a magical experience appealing to young children’s hearts, minds and souls. Sinead has got the magic touch, so much so I asked her to visit my Montessori preschool. She deals with very essence of mindfulness without making children too aware they are gaining tools to deal with anxiety such as popping imaginary bubbles of thoughts away. And a simple tickle of the toes (using the end of a scarf) and a small gift of a star sequins left under their yoga mats by the fairies reminds you that children are happy with the simple life. Brilliant activity for children, fair fee per class…. we cannot wait to return!


I run a preschool for babies and toddlers with Down Syndrome called Team 21 Tots. We were delighted when Sinead & Skylar joined our class . Sinead informed me that she teaches Children yoga and would be happy to end our classes with yoga each Friday . It was a fabulous addition to the class . All the kids loved the movement , song , dance and guidance from Sinead . They all really enjoyed the experience and we looked forward to ending the day on such a positive note . I would highly recommend Sinead and hope we can work together again soon .

Triona Cussen / Team 21 Tots

Yoga Stories

Short yoga stories for kids and adults!

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We are getting very excited for Halloween and have been practising our Halloween poses. Take a moment in each pose to breath. To add more fun, why not try to roll like a pumpkin. We will be posting Five Little Pumpkins story with Lámh signs over the coming day.

Halloween Yoga Poses
Pumpkin - Child’s pose
Late - Moon pose
Witch - Dancer pose
We don’t care - Corpse Pose
Let’s run - Running fast, knees high
Halloween’s fun - Leaping frog pose
Wind - Tree pose swaying your branches in the wind
Lights out - Bend forward and touch your toes.
# 🧙‍♀️ 🎃 👻 🕷 🧙‍♂️

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This mindful and positive breathing exercise will aid in helping a child to self regulate and help relive them from sensory overload, nervousness, anxiety or worries etc.

Knowing a coping strategy can set children up for success in learning or social situations.

Print out a picture of a pumpkin. Ask the children to colour the pumpkin and it’s ridges. Then guide the children through the breathing technique as they trace the ridges of the pumpkin. 🎃

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been mixing our senior and junior class together. How did it work out? Amazingly.🌟
The older Yogies were able
and very willing to help the littler yogis with tasks like outdoor hunts and arts and crafts etc. The younger children taught their older peers that just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t. In truth, it worked a dream. Our yoga poses were taught from basic to challenging (little kids really do amaze us). It taught us that being mindful can bring all ages and abilities together to work as a team.
Our classes are every Friday in Portmarnock and all ages and abilities are welcome. 🙏

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APPLE APPLE TREE 🌳🍎🎶. We just love this little APPLE
TREE SONG 🍎🌳🎶. It includes 3 yoga poses, a movement exercise and a breathing technique. A great way to get the children moving, calm and aware of their bodies. Of course, a little Lámh signing is always lots of fun too.

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Scavenger hunts never get old. Not only are they a really good mindful practise but they are super educational and fun. They can be used in schools, classes or as part of a home schooling program. Today I found them really useful for two of my children off school. Encase your wondering, the blackberries were super yummy and came in really handy when we had a hypoglycaemia moment.
How beautiful are the red berries (we don’t eat red berries) and remember, always check with an adult before you eat from nature.

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